Backup checkups and Peace of Mind for only $25


Our clients know we are a big believer in backups and we’ve got a great deal going to start the new year out right. Whether it’s photos, emails, contacts, financial data, movies, music or plain old word processing items, the reason you use a computer often is to store stuff, and no hard drive lasts forever. If you don’t have a backup solution, you need one and if you have a backup solution you need to test it. Backups need to be tested like fire alarms, at least twice a year which is why we provide a Backup checkup service special twice a year.

What’s unique this go around is we are now able to sell certificates for backup checkups you can buy now and then use them anytime during the year. These certificates are half off our normal hourly rate and are good for a year.

Want to save even more? As a selected Google Helpout provider, we can setup a remote control session with you to check these backups or set up a new online backup solution. We’ll be charging $25 for this service, but if you are local to Lawrence, Topeka or Kansas City, we’ll apply that $25 to future service so it’s essentially free to you. After the end of the Helpout, we’ll mail you a gift certificate for $25 off of future service that’s good until the end of 2014 so you’ve got nothing to lose, except of course your data!

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