Why your ISP may be giving your computer popups and ads

Here at DoctorDave Computer Repair in Lawrence, KS we have gotten dozens of calls from people being redirected to sites they never intended to visit – like trying to buy a Dell computer and getting sent to HP instead. Typically it’s a virus put there by someone trying to make money off the ads.

However, there is an alarming new trend we are seeing more of in which your Internet Service Provider such as Knology/Wow/Sunflower or AT&T interferes with your browsing and sends you to a website you didn’t intend or inserts ads into your webpage (and of course makes extra money on this).

You might have seen something similar to this when you mistype a website and instead get sent to a search result page

In my opinion, this is grossly inappropriate. You are already paying your ISP and they shouldn’t get involved with your browsing habits. Nonetheless it’s totally legal. How to get around it is to change your “DNS” settings. Typically you use the one your ISP gives you and your computer uses automatically.

My recommendation is to use Google’s DNS thereby avoiding this problem wherever you go. These handy instructions from Google will tell you how to do it and keep your browsing pure. If you don’t want to use Google’s system, another great one OpenDNS.

If you aren’t sure if those ads are caused by viruses or your ISP, it’s time to give us a call!

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