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Amazing business lessons for Planet Comicon

March 17, 2014

Yesterday I attened the Kansas City ComicCon: Planet Comicon. I’m a total geek, this is well established. Right now my top passion is Doctor Who whom influenced the naming of the company and about half my wardrobe right now. If you haven’t been to a Comicon, I highly recommend it. You pay $35 to essentially […]

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Why you should have multiple email addresses

March 9, 2014

I’ve wrtten before about the importance of not using your ISP’s email address such as “” or “” primarily because if you cancel your account with them, you can’t keep your email address. With services such as Gmail, Yahoo and, you can have multiple email addresses at no charge and not be tied to […]

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How a computer virus can put your health at risk!

March 2, 2014

No, this isn’t some tabloid story at your grocery counter or some Internet hoax you need to check Snopes about. Computer viruses aren’t suddenly jumping into human beings and killing them. However as health care becomes computerized it’s not really that surprising that these systems could get computer viruses and thus jeopardize your health care […]

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