How a computer virus can put your health at risk!

No, this isn’t some tabloid story at your grocery counter or some Internet hoax you need to check Snopes about. Computer viruses aren’t suddenly jumping into human beings and killing them. However as health care becomes computerized it’s not really that surprising that these systems could get computer viruses and thus jeopardize your health care

This story, originally in the Wall Street Journal talks in detail about situations recently discovered in which devices at hosptials got infected. Right now it’s mostly about security of patient data or equipment failure due to downtime, but it’s really only a matter of time that viruses might disable medical equipment or, heaven forbid, interfere with their operation thereby causing potentially deadly results. This isn’t the stuff of science fiction anymore but a real life risk that hackers are actively working on and potentially successful at implementing.

What can you do? If you are a medical professional, it’s time to speak up when you see a problem with the computers. It can no longer simply wait to solve these problems. Moreover, if you’ve got a personal computer that accesses patient records remotely, it’s time to shore up your virus protection at home. Failure to do so, just like a biological virus, puts us all at risk. You can’t comply with “Do No Harm” if you don’t protect your patients. In particular, if you are using a computer with XP you are putting your patients and practice at risk.

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