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We Help Contribute to The Sales Tax Numbers

January 29, 2017

The Journal-World recently that Lawrence had the “best tax growth in the state.”  While much of this was due to construction, I’m glad we played a small part in that. I’m proud to say we collect sales tax on behalf of the state. Not every business, especially in the computer repair industry, does that. We’re […]

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Tech Support Scams and Payment Problems

January 28, 2017

We’re seeing a ton of tech support scams with our Lawrence, Topeka and Kansas City computer repair clients.  We’re on the front lines of this battle every day, fighting for the consumer. After fixing the damage to the computer (and the client’s emotional state), getting the money from the credit card companies is pretty easy. […]

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Yes, You Can SMS/Text Us Questions

January 26, 2017

While we’d always like to chat with you directly, we realize sometimes that isn’t possible.  When an email won’t do (and you don’t have our free DoctorDave app), always remember you can text us. Our goal is to be accessible to you as possible. We’ve had this feature for awhile; we just haven’t actively promoted […]

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Our Policy Towards Password Resets and Password Recovery

January 16, 2017

One popular question we get at DoctorDave Computer Repair in Lawrence is “Can you recover my password?” Many times it’s an innocent problem, but we always play it safe. Photo by IntelFreePress – Why Do You Get Locked Out of Your Computer? The most common reason is plain forgetfulness. You haven’t used it in […]

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What to Do When Your ISP has an Outage

January 9, 2017

WOW aka Knology or Wow and soon to be MIDCO had a major outage recently.  Outages are disappointing, but can be expected.  Nothing works right all the time. Is it You or Them? The Power Cycle Dance When you can’t get online, you’ll always want to do a few standard things in this order: Shutdown your […]

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