Apple Store Techs May Have No Experience Fixing Macs?

You’d think the Apple store would hire the best and brightest computer repair technicians.  Due to how busy they are, they’re cutting back on training.

This Apple Store has a new Genius

It used to be Apple technicians would get some hands-on experience fixing Macs before touching your system.  If this story is true, your Mac might be the first one they’ve touched.  If you rely on your Mac, that’s not the type of person you want working on it.

I don’t really blame Apple for this.  Training costs time and money.  Since they make Macs, if a technician breaks a computer, it’s easy for Apple to remedy the situation.

Here at DoctorDave Computer Repair, we don’t have that luxury.  We have to fix it right the first time.  That’s why our team of techs have both hands-on and virtual training before they ever touch your Mac (or PC).  In fact, the first computer I ever worked on back in the 1990s blew up.  I plugged in something wrong and the next thing I knew, smoke and flames.  There’s something to real-world experience as a teacher!

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