Google Home Remembers What You Forget

I’m forgetting where I put stuff all the time.  I might write it down, but then I can’t find the piece of paper.

Google Home on table in front of sunny window.

I’ve owned a Google Home since almost the beginning and love it.  If you have one, tell it to remember something and it will.

For example say “Hey Google, remember I put my charger in the kitchen junk drawer”.

Then, Google Home repeats it back to you.

When you can’t find something, ask Google.  Say “Hey Google, where did I put my charger?”

It’s that simple.  If you haven’t tried a Google Home yet, feel free to ask Dave about his and how he forces Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home to get into an argument.  We setup IoT devices like this all the time.

Photo by ndb_photos

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