Don’t be like Jon Snow, Protect Your Emails like a Khalessi

I suspect you’re watching Game of Thrones right now (yes I wrote this in advance).  Fortunately, no major spoilers leaked this time.  There’s a reason for that:  cast and crew had special email protections.

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No they weren’t dragons and the Night’s Watch had nothing to do with it.  Rather, it was something that those of us outside the Seven Kingdoms can use:  Two-factor authentication.

Popular email services like Gmail and Yahoo support this special protection, and you won’t need a Lannister’s gold to help you pay for it.  The protection is free, you just need to enable it!
Two-factor authentication is another level of protection for your email and other accounts.  After you type in your password, your email program uses your phone (dumb or smart)  to verify who you are. Your phone is that second factor.

If you don’t put in the special code your phone gives you, even the Lord of Light can’t get into your email.  Once it’s setup on your computer, you won’t need to enter this every time.  Just once on a new system to verify who you are.  This is handy when you’re checking your email in a public place while on vacation.

You don’t need to be royalty to get these type of protections; we can set it up for you.  It only takes a few minutes for us to set up and it makes your email and other online accounts like banks and social media less hackable.  We’ve done this for dozens of clients and they love this extra protection. We’re your digital Maesters!

Let’s face it; the Internet can be dark and full of terrors.  You need protections otherwise Cersei’s probably going to read your emails.   Nah, we know it’s Varys’ little birds doing that. For the record, you can use two-factor to protect your Twitter account too.

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