Why we Don’t do iPhone Repairs: Another Reason

We’ve never done iPhone or other mobile device repairs and probably never will.  There are a ton of reasons, but here’s a new one.  Apple has prevented third parties from repairing the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Cracked iPhone

This article explains the reasons, but the nutshell is the Apple Retail store needs to configure the phone after replacement.  Apple’s done this before with the home button.

The primary reason though we don’t repair iPhones is mobile devices require proprietary parts.  Unlike a computer that needs a standard hard drive, most phone parts are specific to your phone.  If we ordered parts, they’d be knock-offs.  Too many mobile device shops have told me they have trouble getting quality parts.

If we can’t stand behind our work, we’re not going to fix your device.  Since the parts market for mobile devices is questionable, we’d rather step aside.  Large shops that deal in a ton of volume usually have the relationships to get the best parts. Other than that, getting your iPhone fixed by Apple is the best bet.  You know the parts are genuine and Apple stands behind their work.

For Lawrence, that’s who we recommend for iPhone repair.  Clients consistently have the best experience at the Apple Retail stores in Leawood, KS and Kansas City, MO on the Plaza.

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