Don’t Backup Your Music?

We’re a firm believer of backing up your computer here at DoctorDave Computer Repair.  We’re finding though people don’t really care about backing up their music.  At first I thought people just weren’t understanding the risks.

18.04.2009 record store day 9

Now, I realize I’m biased based on my age!  Apparently most people stream music according to this recent report.  When I look at my own listening habits that makes sense.  I tend to like Spotify and Pandora, although my favorite is Digitally Imported.  With my Google Home or Amazon Alexa Echo I can listen to random music anywhere in the house.

I think most people today want to listen to music instead of an individual song.  While I’ll still always recommend backing up your iTunes library, I can see why some people might skip it. I’m still a bit old-fashioned and can’t imagine not owning my music.

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