How to Block Scammers and Telemarketers on Your iPhone

Since Apple introduced iOS 10, they’ve included a way to identify and block annoying calls.  They haven’t advertised this feature well and that’s a shame.

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If you’re using a newer AT&T iPhone, I recommend their Call Protect app. It blocks calls from even ringing your phone.  I’m using it on my iPhone SE and love it.

On other devices, this article explains some of the other free or paid call blocking services.  On my Android phone (yes I use both Android and iPhone), I’m using Hiya.  Hiya is what AT&T uses on their Call Protect app. Another article gives a slightly different review of these apps.

When a weird call comes in your Caller ID will either say it’s a suspect call or block it from even ringing.  If you get a bogus call, the app lets you mark it so others are warned.

If you need help setting these apps up, just let us know.  While we focus on computer repair, we also help people with mobile devices.

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