Remote Working/Telecommunity Bad for Your Health?

Many of our clients work from home.  We’re their local IT, doing the computer repair and support their corporate office might do.  The flexibility is great, but not everyone likes it.

When I chat with clients I hear some of the same complaints in this article. One person put it best to me:

“It’s like being in jail, but worse.  In jail at least I get yard time.  When I work from home, I wake up and then sit at the computer.  Eight hours later I’m done, make dinner, watch TV etc.  Then I go to sleep and start the same process again.  I never see another person and I rarely leave the house.  For all I know, the outside world is just an illusion!”

His case was a little bit of an exaggeration, but I get the idea.  For me, I love coffee shops and coworking.  A coffee shop you get some social interactions as well as some caffeine and sweets, which always helps.  You can also put on headphones and be left alone.  You can find me at almost any coffee shop in Lawrence, Topeka or KC.  If they have wifi and good coffee, I’m there.

Coworking spaces are similar.  You get the same social interactions, but you can also isolate yourself a bit more.  They tend to be quieter than coffee shops.  That’s good for some people, but I need background noise while I work.  That’s when it’s time for headphones.  At a coworking space you get the bonus of networking with other remote workers like yourself.

Which is better, coworking or coffee?  Both!  I recommend both depending on your workflow and personality.  Some weeks I feel more like working while others I feel more like coffee shop hopping.  If the weather’s good though, expect me on a patio somewhere.

Regardless of where you go, be sure to get out of the house!  You could always bring your computer to our office for a free diagnostic appointment.  We have wifi and coffee too.

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