Is the Paperless Office Still a Thing?

Do you remember when computers promised to let us go paperless?  I wrote an article for groovyPost how I hate paperless statements from companies.  However for your home or small business, this article has some good steps.  Less paper is better for the environment and makes it easier to find stuff.

Postmaster General James A. Farley During National Air Mail Week 1938

I think the key point is to use your phone more often.  We don’t all have a digital scanner at home, but I bet we all have a phone.  Instead of saving receipts, just take pictures of them.

One thing they didn’t mention is business cards.  I avoid taking business cards.  When someone hands one to me, I take a picture and hand it back.  Better for the environment and easier to find a computer picture than a piece of paper.

Read both articles mentioned to reduce your clutter and find stuff easier.

Photo by Smithsonian Institution

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