Beware of Browsers That Fill Stuff In

A few years back, companies realized we often fill out the same things over again on webforms.  They thought “Hey, why don’t we keep track of that stuff for you?”  That idea was great, but hackers have exploited it.

Keys on Keyboard

As this article points out,  hackers have taken advantage of the idea.  They can trick Safari and Google Chrome into releasing confidential information.  Ouch.  We stopped recommending auto-fill years ago.

Instead, we recommend a password manager like LastPass or 1Password. These are less susceptible to hackers.  They’ll track your passwords for you, which is nice instead of using the same password on multiple websites. They’ll also create new passwords when needed, so no trying some variant of your old one.  Best of all, they’ll fill in your contact information on a website.  I love that feature.  You can even set up those fill-ins for multiple people.  One for you, and one for your significant other.

Here’s a little tip I use when filling out paper forms (like at the doctor’s office).  I keep a few pre-addressed mailing labels with me.  When filling out forms, I just put the sticker on the name/address field.  Saves me some time, especially since I have horrible handwriting.

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