Tech Support is Wrong Half the Time

We’ve known this all along as computer repair people, but you may not know this as a consumer.  Tech Support often gets it wrong.

Call centre worker

According to a recent study by Laptop Magazine, contacting a manufacturer will result in the wrong answer 44% of the time.  Ouch.   They’re the company that makes the stuff – they get it wrong!

The article explains some of the reasons.  Usually it’s due to lack of training but it’s also poor documentation or policies.  This isn’t just articles or chat answers, but even when they remote into the computer.

I think the reason is a lack of experience.  There’s the theoretical and then there is the practical.  Computer technicians need to understand how computers are used by consumers. Fortunately, all our techs have a ton of experience doing computer repair on-site and in-shop.

This line sums up the story:

“If you contact laptop tech support, be prepared for difficulty, and plan accordingly”

Or you can just call DoctorDave Computer Repair of Lawrence, Kansas City and Topeka and get the job done right, the first time!

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