WiFi Router Security is More Than Passwords

Wifi internet routers are rather easy to setup. The directions walk novices through the process.  We still help clients with it, but we’re doing this less and less.  Apps on your smartphone make it easy.  However, they miss a critical step we always check for.

Router Lights

Recently, popular routers from Netgear were found to be unsecure out of the box.  This wasn’t an issue of the password or anything like that.  This was a flaw in the design of the product. The software to setup the router doesn’t always check for these firmware updates.

Fortunately, we always check for that.  Every time we’re out at a client we check for firmware updates.  That prevents hackers from getting into your system and compromising your security.  We recommend checking at least every six months for firmware updates at the manufacturer’s website.

Photo by Ross Catrow

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