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Smart Locks and Safety

March 23, 2018

One hot gift for the 2017 holiday season was internet-enabled locks, often referred to as Smart Locks.  I have these both in my home or office.  When I tell clients I have one, they often express security concerns.  They’re legitimate but easily minimized. This blog post does a good job of explaining the security while […]

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Rural Douglas County Needs This for Internet Service!

March 18, 2018

Even as we push for better broadband in the city of Lawrence, our community is bigger than that.  People in rural areas have a tough time.  They’re stuck using mobile hotspots that have severe data limits or expensive satellite connections. These don’t always work, especially if you live on a large property. Microsoft is coming […]

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Some ISPs Give you Mandatory Ads

March 4, 2018

When you go to some websites, you expect ads.  That’s what pays for the site.  Just like commercials on TV.  Some Internet Service Providers add their own ads to your browsing experience. Comcast was caught doing this last year.  They were adding information to web pages you visited encouraging you to upgrade your cable modem. […]

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