When A Local Business Gets Hacked, It Hurts More


The past few years we keep hearing about the big companies like Equifax and Yahoo getting hacked.  That hurts us all.  The local businesses though get hacked much more often. The pain is a little different from them.

This article explains some of those risks.  While I can’t tell you whom in Lawrence has suffered security breaches, we’ve had several clients face them. Some are due to lack of electronic security while others are through physical security problems like stolen laptops.

In particular, small businesses are being targeted instead of large corporations. One unfortunate example I read about recently was a funeral home of all places being used to attack vulnerable customers.

Over the years I’ve learned the most important thing is to get a professional involved.  We’re experts on cyber-security and can help remediate the problem.  Too often we get involved later in the process – after a client tried to fix things themselves.   The security problems continue at that point and we’re in the difficult position of telling the client they made it worse.

At the first sign of trouble, or even if you’re not sure, give us a call.  We never charge for phone consultations.

Photo by Ben Chun

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