Security Thwarted Through Forgetfulness

USB Flash Drive in the Shape of a Card Catalog Drawer

I forget where my keys or wallet is all the time.  I’ve got Tile to help me with that.  I always know where my laptop is though.  Forgetful people can ruin the best security measures.

For example, a lost USB flash drive in London caused a massive panic and Heathrow Airport.  That drive had critical security information.  Of course, the drive wasn’t password protected and encrypted (like my laptop is!)

Lost hardware is more common than you think.  For example, Washington State University lost a hard drive and had to inform over 1 million people their identity was at risk.

It’s easy to set passwords on flash drives, hard drives, laptops and desktops.  Just give us a call —  we’ll show you how.  Unless, of course, you want to be in the headlines like these people!  I guess it’s fortunate they didn’t name the people who lost the drives.

Photo by slgckgc

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