Is Your PC Dirty Inside?

We see all kinds of computers here.  Inside, most of them are dirty.  Some are pretty wild inside.  Most of the time it’s not the client’s fault.

I really need to clean this

There’s a fun subreddit where people post pics of dusty computers.  I’ve never posted there, but I’ve thought about it.  Computers have cooling fans and sit on the floor many times, so it’s natural they collect dust inside.  Dust can causes the fans to fail and overheat, so it’s a good idea to have them cleaned.  Pet dander and smoke debris get in there as well.

Don’t just take a vacuum to clean it, please.  While we love seeing you, we don’t want to see you because of this.  Static is what causes computers to get “fried.”  If you don’t make sure to ground yourself, you’ll transfer a charge to the computer.

We have special equipment to clean inside the computer without zapping it with electricity.  Checking the insides of a computer is part of our standard tune up process, but feel free to ask for it during any service call.  We carry the tools with us.

Photo by Lee Edwin Coursey

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