Remote Workers Do Better (We Support Remote Workers)

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ore and more, businesses are supporting working from home. It used to be a luxury.  Only cushy jobs let you work from home. So-called “real jobs” required you to go into the office.  No more!

This article from Stanford Graduate School of Business shows that remote workers have a 13% improvement in performance. The reasons are obvious, but it’s nice to have some data behind it.  You don’t have to worry about a commute.  The main reason they mention resonates with me the most:  control over the environment.

When you’re working from home, you have control of everything: the noise level, the temperature, the furniture, etc..  At the office you not only don’t have control of the environment, but others invade it.  Coworkers stop by to chat.  My problem was people’s lunches that would stink up the place!

With work-from-home, your internet connection is your expressway into work.  No internet = no work.  We get that.  Too many companies feel that residential computer repair customers are a lower priority than businesses.  They miss the fact that people work from home and get business done.  According to this study, 31% of remote workers missed work due to technical problems. How frustrating!

That’s why we focus on small office, home office, and residential customers.  They need computer support outside of the traditional office.

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