Which is More Secure? Your Phone or Laptop

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With many people having both a smartphone and laptop synced, you’d think people would secure them equally.  In reality, it seems people are more worried about their phone rather than their laptop (or desktop).  That’s a big mistake.

This article has some interesting facts!  The ones that stood out to me are related to leaving the laptop unattended.  I see this in coffeeshops all the time. Someone will take their phone in the restroom with them or up to the counter, but otherwise just leave their laptop there.  It also makes sense it’s easier to carry a phone in your pocket compared to a laptop.

Nonetheless, both devices should be protected equally.  That includes proper password, encryption, and other security methods.  This is a much bigger deal if you’re bound by professional codes of conduct like HIPAA, FINRA, or PCI.  We’re here to help with that and have lots of clients in these situations.

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