Last Minute Holiday Gifts From DoctorDave

It’s a few days before Christmas, and you need an excellent holiday gift.  We’ve got a few popular ones.

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DoctorDave Gift Certificates

It may not be the most exciting of gifts I know.  After all, who gives gift certificates to a medical doctor?  While we do computer repair as the main focus, we’re more into the fun stuff of setting up new stuff or preventing problems.

We still have appointments available for our Santa Service for setting up new stuff, but gift certificates are also popular for people who want to make sure the stuff they have is set up and running right.

We can deliver these gift certificates within Lawrence, Topeka and Kansas City at any time through the mail.  If it’s really last minute, we’ll hand-deliver at no extra charge.  We’ll even put on a festive hat if you request (yes we’ve had that request before).

Popular services we’re doing for gift certificate recipients are things like

  • Helping manage and protect pictures
  • Move stuff from old computers onto new ones
  • General checkup to protect and optimize technology investments (aka a tune-up)
  • Answer questions and solve annoying problems
  • Help manage passwords to protect your identity

Password Management Books


Speaking of passwords, another favorite gift is a password management notebook.  Over the years we’ve seen clients store passwords in many crazy and ineffective ways.  Some use post-it notes, others use a file on the computer, and worst of all many people reuse passwords.

With so many data breaches happening nearly every day, the gift of safety and security is reassuring.  Our password management books look like a typical notebook.  I prefer that over password management books that say “passwords.”  That’s not very safe and secure.

Some clients use address books to manage passwords.  That’s better than post-it notes, but address books store the wrong stuff.  They’re also hard to read!


When we were deciding on the right password book to put our name on, I tested this with dozens of clients to find just the right one.  The thing people like most about our book is the spacing so that you can write big.  In other words, you don’t need to put on your glasses to read them.  They’re $7.50, but mention that you’re reading this blog post (and made it down this far), it’s free for the asking.  Just call the office, and we’ll schedule a time for you to pick it up.

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