Secret Santa Service, Last Minute Holiday Gifts

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Every year here at DcotorDave Computer Repair in Lawrence and Kansas City we offer our exclusive “Santa” service.

Technology gifts for the holidays are great, but the problem is they need to be set up.  They’re more complex than the standard disclaimers of “some assembly required” and “batteries not included.”  Take for example the average services we provide for a new computer setup:

  • Unbox the computer
  • Add the computer to the wifi network (do you have the password?)
  • Follow approximately 10-15 prompts agreeing to terms of service, license agreements, and privacy policies.
  • Start dozens of safety and security updates
  • Disable trial software and “junk” that comes on the average computer
  • Find passwords and set up email on a new system
  • Transfer stuff from the old system like pictures, music, and documents
  • Install programs like Microsoft Word and Excel as part of Microsoft Office
  • Configure antivirus and malware
  • Create a backup system to protect data

On average that’s about 90 minutes for us because we do it every day, sometimes even three times a day.  Most clients tell us it takes them several hours to do this work and often they don’t have the skills or tools to finish.

In other words, it makes for a complicated and exhausting Christmas morning.  Clients think our busy time is Christmas Day (yes we’re open) or the day after Christmas.

In reality, we usually start hearing from clients after the tree comes down.  That’s because the new computer, printer, tablet or smart speaker (think Alexa and Google Home/Mini) sit in the box until someone decides to call us.

To prevent that problem we offer what I call the “Santa Service.”  We can make an appointment at our office or your home (including evenings or weekends) and set all the stuff up in advance.  Then you just put it back in the box and wrap it up.

When the recipient opens the box, it’s READY TO GO.  Everything is set up.  They just press the button, and away it goes.  I’d admit it isn’t as popular as I think it should be, but clients who take us up on the offer rave about how happy they are.

It takes all the stress out of receiving a gift.  Yes, sometimes getting a gift can be stressful.  We’ve got this gift setup down to a science.  After all, we’ve been in business 15 years.

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