Free Loaner Computers for Tornado Victims

With the recent tornados and storms out here in Lawrence as well as Kansas City, many victims have suffered severe damage to their homes.  While I may not be handy with a hammer and nails, I am handy with a screwdriver and anti-static wrist strap.

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I wasn’t sure how I could help until today.  I got a call from someone who had been displaced from their home and needed a computer.  They wanted to know if we sold used ones.  The bad news is we don’t sell new or used computers.  We strictly focus on computer repair. That keeps us unbiased and focuses us on just computer repair.

However, we do have a computer recycling program.  We refurbish computers when we can and work with Connecting For Good to help in their mission.  We’ve also donated them to local non-profit organizations and their clients.  Some of these computers we reserve as loaners for clients in our DoctorDave wellness program.  I was delighted to offer one of these loaners to a very appreciative person who gave me the idea of opening this up to everyone.

If you’ve been displaced because of the storm, please let us know if you need a loaner computer.  We have mostly desktop computers but do have a few laptops.  They are usually five years old or more, but they work for email and getting online.  They’re also great for entertaining the kids.  All we ask you do is return it to us when done, so we can direct them back to Connecting for Good.  Of course, there is no charge for these loaner computers.

It’s a small thing we can do to help families in this time of need.  If you need a computer, please contact our office at 785-841-8766 or 816-301-4335.

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