Tax Free Weekend 2019 Discount

If you’re looking to buy a new computer this year, August 2nd, 2019 through August 4th, 2019 is the time to do it.   That’s the Missouri Tax-Free Weekend.  If you go to a retailer in Kansas City Missouri, you’ll be able to buy computers, computer software, and peripherals (things like hard drives, printers, and scanners) and the retailer won’t charge you sales tax.  

Sales Tax HOliday

If you live in Missouri, you’re golden.  If you live in Kansas, the retailer won’t charge you, but it’s possible you’ll be required to pay at tax time.  That’s between you and your tax advisor!

Tax-free weekends help cut the sting of back-to-school, but anyone can take advantage of it, even if you’re a home user or a business owner.  And if you’re a client of ours, read on to see how we’re participating.

How to Take Advantage of Tax-Free Weekend 2019

The Apple retail store on the Plaza participates.  It gets hectic there, so you might go a few days before and pick out your Mac.  Typically they’ll process your transaction ahead of time and not charge.

Another great place to buy a computer on Missouri Tax-Free Weekend is Costco in Kansas City.  They have a great selection and offer automatic extended warranty and concierge services.

Generally, we don’t recommend big-box retailers like Best Buy, Office Depot, and Wal-Mart because they don’t always have stock of the right computer for you.  They’ll sell you what they have on the shelf rather than what you possibly need.  Places like Costco and the Apple retail store won’t do that.

Our Tax-Free Weekend Discount:  Two Hours of Service

It’s fun, so I figured we should join in!  If you’re getting a new computer, you probably need help setting it up.  This type of work is one of our specialties.  We can set up the new computer for your internet connection, set up printers, and most importantly transfer your stuff.  We’ll make sure your important pictures, documents, spreadsheets, financial stuff like Quicken and Quickbooks, and even your bookmarks, addresses, and email.  Setting up a new computer is fun!

For new or existing clients, we’re offering a special.  We’re offering two hours of on-site service tax-free.  For $200 you’ll get two hours of service and two on-site visits, tax-free.  Most new computer setups take an hour, so that price covers a setup along with your annual checkup a year later.

You don’t even have to use it this weekend either.  It’s a gift card that doesn’t expire for two years, so that’s got you covered at least for your annual checkup!  You can use it in 15-minute increments for our remote support, half-hour increments for office visits, or on-site visits.  

Don’t worry; we’ll still remit the taxes to the state on your behalf.  It’s just a fun way of offering a little discount for back to school.

We’re only offering it that weekend via this link.  If you’d prefer not to give your credit card online, just send us an email to let us know you want to take advantage of the offer, and we’ll honor the discount!

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