Virtual 360 View of Our Office in Lawrence

Have you ever seen those virtual 360 tours online?  We’ve got one now of our office in Lawrence!

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It’s live on Google Maps.  If you’d like to see a full view of our office explaining all the cool stuff in it, check out this link.  Inside you’ll see lots of Doctor Who stuff along with other interests Dave has.  If you’d like a detailed view of the office, not hosted on Google, this link explains all the stuff in the office.

At 4105 West 6th Street is a small office we use to meet with our clients. It’s small for a few reasons. Since we do most of our work onsite, we don’t need a big space.  We pass those savings along to our clients.  We also don’t have any retail sales.  We focused solely on computer repair.  We don’t sell computers; we don’t repair mobile phones.  We do one thing and do it really well:  computer repair.

You can also see in that office we don’t have storage space for computers waiting to be repaired.  That’s by design.  Sure, we might need to monitor a system overnight or do an extensive data transfer from an old computer to a new one.  For the most part, though, we work on your computer right then and there.  You walk in with a computer needing to be repaired, and you walk out with it fixed — no sitting on a “rack” for days or weeks at a time.  We don’t have the room!  It forces us to be efficient and not waste your time.

All service, unless specified otherwise, is by appointment only. We just don’t have the room to see more than one person at a time or store their computer after all.

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