Helping You and Preventing Corona Virus

The phrase “we live in unprecedented times” is the way many companies are describing the current crisis and we agree!  That’s why it’s important we tell you what we’re doing and why.

Our Practices:

We’re going to use extra caution to keep you and our team safe before, during and after our service call visits.  Like other necessary professionals who enter into homes, we’re constantly reevaluating this situation and adjusting our procedures and practices as new information comes in.

Remote Support:

If we’ve seen you the past few years, by default we’ve installed software that helps us monitor and protect your computer.  One of those programs is a remote control problem called Instant Housecall. With permission, your authorization, and an appointment, this allows us to fix certain problems remotely without actually coming to your home.

For those who don’t have the software on their computer, it’s easy for us to help you install over the phone.  If you aren’t sure if you have it installed or would like us to install it before you have a problem, please give us a call.

Some services like removing computer viruses, general troubleshooting, and checkups we can do remotely.  However setting up stuff like new computers or internet connections, requires a home visit.

If you are under quarantine or lockdown, we’ll do the very best we can to help you remotely. We understand in these situations how vital computers can be.

Keeping Your Computer Clean:

Apple recently updated its guidelines on how to keep your computer and other electronics clean.  It’s a good guide for any computing device.  Some of the key things to remember are:

  1. Make sure the device is off
  2. Never spray directly on the device, always use a wipe.
  3. Use the minimal amount of liquid necessary.

Overall, be aware of touching the computer and touching your face.  Wash your hands, just like we are, before and after touching the keyboard.  Avoid the temptation to eat at your computer. Yes, we all do that, but touching the keyboard and then touching food isn’t a good idea.

Loaner/Recycled Computers

We have a limited stable of older computers.  We work with Connecting For Good to refurbish and distribute these computers to low-income families in the metro.  Under these circumstances, we can make them available to clients who need to work/learn from home.

All we ask is that you return them in the same physical condition as when they were loaned to you and that we do get them back.  We’ll ask for a $25 deposit on these for that reason.

We’re In This Together

As we all travel less and stay at home more, our computers become our key connection to the outside world.  We’re here for you and we’ll make sure you don’t lose access to this valuable resource.

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