We’re Still Fixing Computers at Your Home or Office!

To fully comply with current the current Douglas County Emergency Order, we’re outlining our functions to the community as well as our action plan to keep people safe from Coronavavirus and Covid-10.

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We’re Essential, But You Already Knew That

First, we already know that DoctorDave provides essential services to keep desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, tablets, printers and internet connections up and running for those working and learning from home.

Service from DoctorDave Computer Repair falls under “Essential Activities” as specified in section 1.b.ii “To obtain necessary services or supplies for themselves and their family or household members, to obtain supplies they need to work from home, or to deliver those services” 

This means clients can visit us and we can visit clients as people who work from home need working technology.  

Further on in section viii the order allows operations by those who support “Internet, and telecommunications systems (including the provision of essential global, national, and local infrastructure for computing services, business infrastructure, communications, and web-based services)”  

We are specifically listed as essential in Section 1.e.xv “Businesses that supply products and services needed for people to work from home; as well as xvi “Businesses that supply other Essential Businesses with the support or supplies necessary to operate;”

Section Two of the order requires us to have a plan in place to ensure compliance with Social Distancing, having cleaning products available, having separate hours for vulnerable populations as well as online and remote access.  We’re breaking this up into a few sections.

Full Compliance:

Remote Access 

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While we’ve always been by appointment, this business model is particularly relevant.  We will do an over-the-phone diagnosis before initiating any service call. With our experience we can ask questions to determine if remote support, an office visit, or an onsite visit is necessary.  Whenever possible, we are going to do a remote support visit whereby we control your computer (with your permission and consent) from our offices or homes. We use above-industry-standard levels of security and encryption for that.

Office Visits

At our office at 810 Pennsylvania we’re establishing the following protocols. Remember these services are by appointment only and we do not accept walkins.

On arrival, a client will be greeted at our glass door.  The building is always locked so we’ll be avoiding any direct contact. The door will be pushed open enough to unlatch, but the door will act as a barrier for interaction.  Once the client grabs the handle, we will walk up our stairs. The client will then go to the elevator with their computer.  

Once the elevator reaches the second floor, the client will be instructed to go to our sanitation station.  They’ll leave their devices and sign our intake form. Our technician will wash their hands and put on gloves in the restroom.

That station will have a cloth and spray bottle with 70% isopropyl alcohol.  First the station will be sprayed down. Anything brought in by the client will be wiped down.  As the technician approaches the station, the client will then be instructed to wash their hands as well. The pen used by the client to sign will also be sanitized. 

The technician will then bring the computer into our office.  A chair will be placed six feet from that desk. A HEPA air purifier is placed between the client and the technician. 

After work is complete, the technician will place the computer at the sanitation station and then go to the restroom to remove gloves and wash hands once again.  The client will be instructed to take the computer from the sanitation station and go down the elevator.

Separate Operating Hours

To minimize any cross-contamination, the first appointment of the day will be reserved for vulnerable populations. Since we don’t see more than one client at a time, there is no risk of interacting with others at our office or onsite.

Onsite Appointments

Onsite appointments will be discouraged unless in our professional opinion it is the only way to resolve the client’s issue.  We will remind clients of the stay-at-home order and be reminded of their duty to try other options. Whenever possible, we will encourage remote or office appointments.

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Our technicians will use hand sanitizer in their car.  Upon arrival to a client, we will ask the door to be opened and the client to stand six feet away.  We will then ask for a sink in which to wash our hands. After washing our hands, we’ll place gloves on.  The computer, mouse and keyboard and any area the technician touches will be wiped with a cloth and spray bottle with 70% isopropyl alcohol.  The client will be instructed to stay six feet away at all times. 

Upon completion of the work, the technician will return to a sink to remove the gloves and wash hands.  The client will then open the door for the technician to leave and will keep a distance of at least six feet the entire time.
As we’ve said, we take our duty as an essential service to work, education and recreation very seriously.  Your computer is your connection to all of this and we’re going to keep it up and running while protecting you and ourselves.

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