Updated Safety Procedures and Expanded Computer Services

Our goal is always to keep our clients and team safe while delivering the best possible computer service. This week, as more people are out and about, we’ve continued to expand and modify our procedures.

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For those clients needing service at our office location, we’re now offering contactless computer repair. You can watch this video as well as read here how it works:

After contacting us to make an appointment (all services are by appointment only), we’ll have you authorize the work in advance online.  That keeps you from having to sign a form on arrival (no contact!)

When you arrive at your appointment, please stay in your car and wait for our tech to come to the Cider Gallery’s front door.  The tech will hold up a dry-erase board with your name (very high tech!)  Once the two of you make eye contact, please exit your car with your computer.  Our tech will stay behind the glass door.

Next to the front door is a plastic tub marked with “DoctorDave.” Go ahead and place your computer and accessories in the plastic bin.  Then proceed to the bottom of the stairs to the Cider Gallery (or the accessible ramp as applicable).  Once you’ve achieved that 6-foot safety distance (we’ve marked it with a complimentary basket of bottled water), only then will our tech retrieve your computer.

We’ll be wearing masks and single-use gloves and would appreciate you wearing a mask as well.  Once our tech is outside, you’re welcome to ask any questions. We’ll work on your computer and call you when it’s ready to be retrieved. It’s best to wait in your car or nearby.

Upon completion of the work, we’ll send an invoice you can pay with your phone. We’ll also give you a call.  When you get to the Cider Gallery, give us a call. We’ll reverse the pickup process.  Once you make eye contact and leave your car, please wait at the bottom of the stairs.  Our tech will open the glass door and place your computer in the plastic bin.  Once the door is closed, please retrieve your computer.  If you’re paying by check (we can’t take cash), place it in the bin and proceed to the bottom of the steps.

Our tech will then leave the building, continuing to wear a mask and maintain that six-foot distance.  Please feel free to ask any questions at that time.  If you have none, we’ll wave goodbye, and thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Other Computer Repair Service Options

If you can get on the internet, we’ll focus on remote computer repair services. We’ve gotten quite good at it. We’re doing computer checkups, virus and other malware removals, hooking up printers and even setting up a new computer remotely.

For those clients that we must see in person; we’ll continue our strict screening questions as well as adhere to our handwashing, sanitation, and disposable/single-use glove policy.

Of course, if you have any questions or suggestions about our safety procedures, please let us know.  We’re all in this together, and we take our essential responsibility of keeping people safe and connected exceptionally seriously.

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