We’re Back to Recycling again

For our Kansas City, Topeka, and Lawrence clients, computer recycling has been a valuable service we provided. We take those computers, remove any personal information, and work with Connecting for Good to help make sure we can bridge the digital divide.

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The Need is Greater Than Ever

Then the pandemic hit. This situation caused two problems. One, we had to be very cautious about computers being contagion vectors. While we have advanced procedures to protect our clients, recycling poses a unique challenge. At the same time, the need for computers is greater than ever. They’re in short supply even to buy, and with schools closed, families need these devices more than ever.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve chatted with our recycling partner as well as other computer repair places not just in Lawrence, but all over the world, and we’ve got a solution that we think will work.

We’re going to start accepting recycling from clients – with some caveats – for the immediate future.

Our New Recycling Policies:

Just Computers And Flat-Screen Monitors

(desktops and laptops)

In the past we could take all electronics, and that included old TV/CRT style monitors as well as printers. Connecting for Good charges a small fee for that, but right now, we need to keep their focus on getting computers in the hands of families so we are not taking tube monitors or other non-computer electronics. We can make recommendations when you contact us for recycling those other devices.

Even if it’s old, not-working, cracked, damaged, or whatever, we can take the flat screen computer monitor and the cords that go with them. Laptops are in very high demand right now because they have webcams that can be used for distance learning.

By Appointment Only at Our Office

Until the pandemic, we were happy to take recycling during onsite or office service calls. It’s part of the excellent service we provide our clients.

Upon evaluating the risks, we don’t want to take a device from a client’s home, put it in our car, and then go someplace else. Although the risk is small, we are working to eliminate as much risk as possible.

Therefore, you’re welcome to make an appointment to meet us at our office. Give us a call, and we’ll set it up. No charge of course

Wrapped and Kept Outside

When you decide to recycle your computer, laptop and monitor, please place each one in a trash bag outside for 3-5 days. A back porch is fine. Don’t leave it on the front porch because we don’t want things stolen. If you don’t have a front porch, a garage is the next best thing. If you’re in an apartment, that’s okay. This procedure is a precaution, not a requirement. We do need it put in a trash bag before your appointment.

Leave it Wrapped for Your Appointment

On arrival to your appointment, we’ll direct you to leave it on the sidewalk as we watch it. After you enter your vehicle, we’ll transfer it directly to our vehicle. To prevent cross-contamination, we’ll only accept one client for recycling a day, and it will be the last person we see to minimize the time in our vehicles. We’ll spray it with a sanitizing solution and wrap it again. While it should be sanitized anyways and the virus lives on plastic bags less than metal, we’re doing the extra step. Going the extra mile to keep our clients safe is part of everything we do!

Now’s the Time to Search the Basement and Garage

With so many people spending time at home, lots of people are doing spring cleaning. I know I have. Why not securely get rid of your computers and help a family in the area work and learn from home?

We’re here to help our community!

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