This Windows Tool Could Put Us Out of a Job?

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With a recent Windows 10 Update, Microsoft included a pretty cool tool to fix (or at least warn you) of problems with your PC.  I jest about putting us out of a job.  We’ll still be fixing PCs and Macs, but this tool makes our job easier.

It’s the Microsoft “Device Performance and Health Report”.  This video explains how it works.  It lets you know of any potential problems and even suggests some fixes.  Of course, if the problems still persists, or you just need help fixing some of the problems, give us a call, send us a text, or write us an email.  We’re here to help with your PC problems.

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Computer Protection Plans Aren’t What They Seem

IMG 3180

Generally, we’re not big fans of extended warranties.  Computers depreciate too quickly to make it worthwhile. The exception being AppleCare.  Apple repairs are not only expensive, but Apple products retain their value longer.

The other thing we’ve found is that companies exclude all sorts of stuff from these warranties.  It’s so bad that BestBuy is involved in a class-action suit for overpromising and under delivering.

When in doubt, ask us.  We’re unbiased since we don’t sell computers or warranties.  Salespeople may claim all sorts of stuff, but it’s what’s in the contract that makes the difference.

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Be Careful Who Repairs your Phone!

cracked iphone screen Day 4

Our primary focus is computer repair in Lawrence, KS.  We don’t do mobile phones at all.  We do get calls, daily, about mobile repair.

Too often the caller wants to know the lowest price.  That’s a bad strategy.  The cheap often comes out expensive as my Mom used to say.  A lousy repair isn’t just a waste of time and money, but is unsafe.  Batteries catch fire and glass breaks.

If that isn’t enough, repair places can install viruses on iPhone and Android phones.  We’re always able to recommend the best places in town for iPhone, iPad and Android repairs.  They may not be the cheapest, but we vet them for reliability and trustworthiness.

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An Easy Way to Get Computer Support

Microsoft Windows 10

Too often when we’re at clients we have trouble reproducing a computer problem.  The client remembers some error message, but of course we can’t make it do it when it’s out there.

That’s why we recommend the Windows Problem Step Recorder. It’s built into Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.  This link from Microsoft explains how to use it, although I think this one is written more from a non-technical perspective.

If that doesn’t work, just use your smartphone to take video of the screen and then email it to us.  That phone isn’t only for checking social media and making phone calls.

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Security Thwarted Through Forgetfulness

USB Flash Drive in the Shape of a Card Catalog Drawer

I forget where my keys or wallet is all the time.  I’ve got Tile to help me with that.  I always know where my laptop is though.  Forgetful people can ruin the best security measures.

For example, a lost USB flash drive in London caused a massive panic and Heathrow Airport.  That drive had critical security information.  Of course, the drive wasn’t password protected and encrypted (like my laptop is!)

Lost hardware is more common than you think.  For example, Washington State University lost a hard drive and had to inform over 1 million people their identity was at risk.

It’s easy to set passwords on flash drives, hard drives, laptops and desktops.  Just give us a call —  we’ll show you how.  Unless, of course, you want to be in the headlines like these people!  I guess it’s fortunate they didn’t name the people who lost the drives.

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Computer Security For Business Owners

Secure Data Cyber Security

If you own your own business, you’re responsible for your company’s computer security.  When there’s a breach, it’s your name in the newspaper.  We can help protect you, but ultimately it comes down to the business owner.

This blog post does an excellent job of giving bite-sized (or tweetable) tips from a non-technical perspective.  That best tip is the last one:

“Keep asking ‘What Else Can We Do?’”

Just like everything in your business, protection is an ongoing struggle.  New threats and new technologies call for new methods of protection.  We’re here to help!

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Save Money on Every Technology Purchase

Money SavingsYou already know how quickly technology changes.  As soon as you buy something, it seems like a newer version comes out and your system is already obsolete.  If you pay with a credit card though, you have some protections.

We always recommend paying with a credit card for technology.  Almost all credit card companies double the manufacturer’s warranty.  That means you don’t need to buy that extended warranty.  They also include 90 days of accidental damage protection.

One often-forgotten feature on some credit cards is price protection.  This article from SmartAsset explains the logistics.  I have this on some of my cards.  It took me about 30 seconds online to file a claim.  Sadly my work card doesn’t offer it, so I can only use it for personal purchases.

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Best of Lawrence Computer Repair 2018 – DoctorDave Again!

Best of Lawrence computer repair 2018

We’re the best in 2019

In case you haven’t heard, DoctorDave Computer Repair won the “Best of Lawrence” contest yet again.

On behalf of our entire team, we all appreciate you taking the time to pick us in this fun contest. I think we do a great job, but it’s better when we hear it from our clients in situations like this. We’re also the top-rated business on Google Reviews and Yelp. People also shared the love on Facebook and Angie’s list. It’s nice to be popular!

This August will be my 15th anniversary of doing DoctorDave full time. If you’re an existing client, look for a special invitation to our 15-year party.

Starting in August, we’ll begin offering our DoctorDave Primary Care Wellness membership program. As a member, you’ll get peace of mind your computer problems are solved for a fixed cost each month. We’ll also include a ton of exclusive members-only benefits. To find out more, get on your newsletter mailing list by clicking here. We’re offering this program to mailing-list clients first.

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The Science Behind Tech Support Scams

ABSA Bank Call center. Auckland Park Johannesburg.

Tech Support Scams are a common problem we help our clients with.  It’s a significant part of our computer repair business in Lawrence and Kansas City.  Ever wonder how these criminals can steal so much money?  There’s science behind it.

This rather dense academic study from Stony Brook University explains how the scams work.  They spent over eight months talking with scammers and seeing where the scams lead.  They found that it’s mostly ads causing people the problems, not browsing habits or anything the users do wrong.

The best part of the paper is the suggestions for companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple to prevent these problems.  As end-users, we don’t have much influence.  However, the authors also suggest Public Service Announcements to inform the public.

I think local media should give back to the community by running PSAs teaching people how to avoid tech support scams.

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Overselling Internet Service Now Illegal

IMG 0369.jpg

Well, at least in the UK.  Gotta leave it to those Brits for holding their Internet Service Providers (ISPs) accountable.

Last year, the regulatory authorities in the UK announced they’ll make sure that the speeds a company promotes are what the customer gets.  They’re always a little variation, but you can’t sell and advertise Jumbo speeds and just give average to slow speeds in return.

Those changes are in sharp contrast to US laws.  The FTC last year when it repealed Net Neutrality also reduces some of the accountability requirements for ISPs.  Here in Lawrence, we’re seeing clients all the time getting much less speed that they’re paying for.  It’s a shame and it’s not right.

If you’re not getting the speeds you think you should, give us a call.  We can run some independent speed test and help you hold your ISP accountable.  Short of that, you can always move to the UK.  I hear London is lovely this time of year.

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