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Virtual 360 View of Our Office in Lawrence

Published on July 8, 2019 By dgreenbaum

Want to see our computer repair office? Check out this virtual tour and why we do everything by appointment.

Locked Out of Your Google Account?

Published on May 20, 2018 By dgreenbaum

That question should strike fear into your heart.  I know it does mine.  That’s why I freaked when I read this article about one tech writer unable to access his account. The worst part of his story? He had no idea how he got locked out or how he got back in.  It all started with […]

Don’t Forget You Can Get iPhone or Android App Refunds

Published on September 24, 2017 By dgreenbaum

Sometimes you purchase something by mistake or just don’t like it.  You’re not stuck!  Getting refunds is pretty easy, but there’s a time limit.  You can’t decide months later you don’t like an app. For Android apps, you can get an automatic refund if you ask for it within 2 hours. After that, you’ll need […]

Should You Worry About the Repeal of FCC Privacy Protections?

Published on April 2, 2017 By dgreenbaum

This past week, lots of clients in Lawrence have asked DoctorDave Computer Repair about the privacy of their internet connection.  They’re asking if they should get a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or another  method of protection. Our short answer is “not much has changed”, but we’re always for privacy. When you cut through the ad-selling […]

Protecting against business online identity theft (or simply misinformation)

Published on June 2, 2013 By dgreenbaum

A few months ago I blogged about having suffered “Google Death” aka “We Currently Do Not Support The Location.” While I occasionally have blips in life, my Google listing on Maps continues to be a problem. I recently read this article about how business owners fail to control their business identity and it really shocked […]

Online Reviews: Necessary evil and Faustian Bargain

Published on April 21, 2013 By dgreenbaum

As a consumer, I generally like online reviews as they give me a way of evaluating a product. As a business owner, I’m highly skeptical of them because of how easily they can be manipulated, repositioned and scammed. When my Google reviews went down due to Google Death, I was devastated. Years of kudos and […]

Why employers ask for social media passwords–and how we work around it

Published on March 23, 2012 By dgreenbaum

The hot topic of his week was employers asking for Facebook and other social media passwords. I can completely understand why employers want this information. I talked about things applicants often do wrong to tank their employment efforts , but many times it’s more about learning the nuances of the applicant that can’t be derived […]

Not all that is local business, is local

Published on October 2, 2011 By dgreenbaum

When is a duck not a duck? When it’s listed on Google as a local duck. We now tend to use Google searches more than we use the yellow pages or 411 (does 411 even work anymore?) However, those “local” searches can be heavily manipulated. This NY Times article () talks about how in a […]

Don’t always trust online reviews!

Published on July 31, 2011 By dgreenbaum

While I’m pretty darn proud of our reviews on such websites as Google, Angie’s List, and Insider Pages, I urge everyone to be a bit cautious about relying solely on online reviews for purchasing decisions. While this Consumerist post talks about how “shills” are being paid to post reviews on Yelp , this is not […]

Google lights up the Sunflower state

Published on March 30, 2011 By dgreenbaum

When I first heard this morning that Google’s Fiber project was coming to Kansas City, KS, I thought it was an April Fools joke. I then watched the presentation and tears came to my eyes.  I’ve watched Apple keynotes and gotten excited, but nothing to this level.  New iPads and other gadgets are fun and […]

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