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Computer Repair, Insurance and Honesty

Published on December 3, 2017 By dgreenbaum

Last year, a controversial study suggested that computer repair shops scam people that have insurance.  If you mention you have insurance, on average, you’ll get charged more for the repair.  Guess what…so do we.  Our rationale is different though. The computer repair shops in the study clearly took advantage of customers.  They billed for work […]

What to do when your computer or smart device is stolen

Published on September 4, 2012 By dgreenbaum

In the past month or so we’ve seen a rash of break-ins in Lawrence, and we’ve also had reports of clients losing technology with some of these break-ins. Here’s some things you can do to before and after a break-in to reduce the sting. Before the theft 1) Record serial numbers and other information I […]

I just dropped my computer, now what?

Published on June 3, 2012 By dgreenbaum

I’m so sorry. Been there done that and the horror is indescribable. The seconds between the drop and the crash can last an eternity. Everything happens in slow motion. You valiantly try to catch it but to no avail. Your child knocks it over or the pet runs underneath it, it’s never pretty. In a […]

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