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Apple Expanding Repair Options for iPhones

Published on September 17, 2019 By dgreenbaum

In Lawrence, we don’t have an Apple store to do iPhone repairs. Apple is giving us some new options.

Phones are Highly Personal

Published on May 27, 2018 By dgreenbaum

This statement may seem obvious, but still need to be proven by science. I don’t know about you (well, actually I do according to this study), but when I’m without my phone I panic.  Where is it?  I’d be much more upset about misplacing my phone than my wallet.  That dreaded 1% battery sign means […]

Your iPhone Can Block Spam Text Messages

Published on February 25, 2018 By dgreenbaum

The only thing more annoying than junk phone calls is junk texts.  I don’t know why, but they seem like the biggest violation to me. Fortunately, Apple heard our cries and introduced the ability to block spam messages on your phone.  The tricky part is you need to download a program to help you do […]

How to Block Scammers and Telemarketers on Your iPhone

Published on October 1, 2017 By dgreenbaum

Since Apple introduced iOS 10, they’ve included a way to identify and block annoying calls.  They haven’t advertised this feature well and that’s a shame. If you’re using a newer AT&T iPhone, I recommend their Call Protect app. It blocks calls from even ringing your phone.  I’m using it on my iPhone SE and love […]

Why we Don’t do iPhone Repairs: Another Reason

Published on July 23, 2017 By dgreenbaum

We’ve never done iPhone or other mobile device repairs and probably never will.  There are a ton of reasons, but here’s a new one.  Apple has prevented third parties from repairing the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. This article explains the reasons, but the nutshell is the Apple Retail store needs to configure the phone after […]

Should You Install Windows 10? No!

Published on June 12, 2016 By dgreenbaum

When Windows 10 came out, we advised clients to wait on the upgrade. The product was new and Windows 10 had lots of glitches. Microsoft fixed a bunch of these problems and Windows 10 is now reliable. That doesn’t mean you should upgrade your Windows 8 or Windows 7 computer to Windows 10. Why Shouldn’t […]

Free Car Chargers and The new DoctorDave iPhone App

Published on May 22, 2016 By dgreenbaum

It has taken us a few years, but we finally have a DoctorDave Computer Repair app for our clients in Lawrence, Topeka and Kansas City. Although the app works anywhere in the US, our focus is here at home.     What Does it Do?   It makes it easier for you to request service […]

Most broken iPhone accidents happen…in the kitchen

Published on March 3, 2013 By dgreenbaum

Infographics are always fun as they easily tell a statistical story visually and these two infographics from iPhone repair company Squaretrade say quite a bit. The key points of the study are that the most dangerous place to use an iPhone is in the kitchen. Ouch. And if you’ve left your phone on the top […]

You Will! Using Technology to grow and manage your business

Published on May 1, 2011 By dgreenbaum

Remember the “fantasy” commercials for 1993-1994 called “You Will” by AT&T Here are the videos all at once on YouTube Most of the technology “dreamed” about in the video is so commonplace that at first glance you might skip over it. Things such as long distance learning with voice and video, tele-medicine, GPS and paying […]

Fifth Day of Christmas: Car Mount for your gadgets

Published on December 18, 2010 By dgreenbaum

This device isn’t as cool, but it’s really practical. Anyone who uses their phone in the car a lot needs a safe and easy way to access it. While many newer cars have bluetooth capabilities, they don’t have a really good place to keep your phone. Even if you don’t have to hold the phone […]

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