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The best jobs to be found are at local and small businesses (especially in Lawrence)

Published on September 15, 2013 By dgreenbaum

I’ve written before about the hidden job market and I know for a fact this is true in Lawrence, KS: the best jobs often aren’t listed anywhere. Often times you need to search directly and when possible, create a job for yourself. This recent blog post analyzing a study from payroll firm ADP shows that […]

Dave, where you been??

Published on February 20, 2012 By dgreenbaum

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged and I apologize for that. At the end of our crowd-sourcing hiring project, we got a large number of applicants to sort through. My evaluation proocess for appplicants is extremely throrough and it takes time. Additionally, after attending Macworld/iWorld at the end of the month my mailbox […]

Top 6 Mistakes I see applicants make

Published on January 31, 2012 By dgreenbaum

The past few weeks I’ve been blogging about job search strategies and practices from the small business employer end. With our $500 crowdsourcing employment challenge closing today, we’ve been seeing lots of applicants, though few meet our exact needs. What I’ve been seeing is lots of mistakes that I’m hoping others can learn from. While […]

Modern Interview techniques and how to excel at them

Published on January 27, 2012 By dgreenbaum

With our busy lives and the ubiquity of technology, an in-person interview as the primary way of selecting an employee is wasteful and inefficient A combination of email and phone interviews are a norm. Here we do email, phone, and in-person (did I mention our $500 hiring bonus for referring a qualified applicant we hire?) […]

Crowdsourcing our next technician. A new iPad for you says we can; learn the details and refer the next great DoctorDave tech

Published on January 1, 2012 By dgreenbaum

Crowdsourcing was a key buzzword of 2011 along with Kickstarter: the ultimate crowdsourcing in which a group of micro investors make magic happen. As our business continues to expand despite the “economic downturn,” we’re hiring but profoundly selective about whom we hire. Our people represent our business and have to be just the right fit […]

We’re Hiring!

Published on July 27, 2010 By dgreenbaum

2010-04-22 Originally uploaded by bgottsab Yes, it’s true. Actually, I’m always looking for the right computer repair person in Lawrence, Topeka, Greater Kansas City and beyond. If they come along, we’ll find a place for them. That’s been my policy ever since I started Geeks on Wheels. Good people, as they say, are so hard […]

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