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The Science Behind Tech Support Scams

Published on July 1, 2018 By dgreenbaum

Tech Support Scams are a common problem we help our clients with.  It’s a significant part of our computer repair business in Lawrence and Kansas City.  Ever wonder how these criminals can steal so much money?  There’s science behind it. This rather dense academic study from Stony Brook University explains how the scams work.  They spent […]

Emotional People Most Likely to Get Hacked

Published on May 6, 2018 By dgreenbaum

Sadly we deal with a ton of tech support scam victims at DoctorDave Computer Repair in Lawrence, KS.  Too many!  I’m always interested in how these scammers work to train clients to avoid them. The secret, according to Stanford research is emotions.  That’s good news.  You don’t have to be tech-savvy to avoid it, just level-headed.  These […]

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