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What is Ransomware?

Published on May 14, 2017 By dgreenbaum

You might have heard in the news about companies getting hit with “ransomware”.  In particular medical offices like chiropractors and psychologists are major targets.  We see the same thing with our Lawrence, Topeka and Kansas City computer repair clients. The nutshell is your computer gets some kind of virus.  Instead of just messing up your […]

How easily some people get hacked without a virus

Published on November 4, 2012 By dgreenbaum

Often times with computers, our primary fear is of an external hacker coming into our systems and wrecking havoc by stealing our banking information or credit cards. However, some of the most basic attempts to steal information don’t involve nefarious software but bad guys convincing people to voluntarily release key pieces of information. Mac or […]

Computer Security the human element

Published on December 4, 2011 By dgreenbaum

While this recent Wall Street Journal article ( talks about how big corporations are infiltrated due to the trusting nature of employees, I suspect for the small office and home office user the problem is even more pervasive, yet undocumented. A few weeks ago, I wrote about this risk, yet I continue to get emails […]

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