Our local economy tastes delicious!

A few nights ago I read on Twitter that Local Burger was now serving their world famous veggie burgers at Biggs BBQ. I’m generally a vegetarian, but I really love Biggs’ sauces and side dishes. A nice plate of sweet potato fries with their three sauces and I’m in heaven. Maybe some of those fried pickles, yum. However, that’s not really a great meal. In the past I’d order the veggie burger there, which is the standard soy protein stuff that everyone serves. It’s ok, and drowning it in sauce will do in a pinch. Having the awesome Local Burger veggie burger available at Biggs was incredible.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find Biggs now offers 23rd Street Brewery beer as well. The fact that Biggs chooses to carry Local Burger’s veggie burgers and 23rd Street’s beer is an amazing partnership counterintuitive to they way restaurants often operate. The basic fact is that resturants compete for your dollars. Do you want to go to the BBQ joint, the brewpub, or the healthy burger place? When I choose to go to Biggs rather than 23rd Street or Local Burger, the economists would say that it’s an “opportunity cost.” By making Biggs more convenient for me to eat at, 23rd Street and Local Burger lose out on potential revenue from me.

The marketing “experts” can’t easily imagine selling your best products to a “competitor” so more people will eat at another restaurant. Yet by offering each others’ food and beer, these three restaurants actually end up strengthening their businesses and helping all three brands stand out. They create more choice and opportunity for everyone involved.
It’s not surprising that all three restaurants are members of the Lawrence GiveBack Program and are Lawrence Originals. These are businesses who work together to create not just a better business community, but a better Lawrence by keeping supporting the local economy. That burger, fries, and beer was a symbol of what makes Lawrence such a great place to live and to do business. Businesses working together, giving up a bit of their competitive edge in order to fulfill the community needs of local food and beer. Who knew my unassuming plate would make such a powerful political statement?

I’m also proud to be a member of the Lawrence Give Back Program. When you use your Lawrence Give Back card with DoctorDave, a certain percentage of your labor sale goes to the local charity of your choice. Working with other businesses in order to make Lawrence great is something I believe in. Similar to the way the restaurants operate, we in the Lawrence Mac community often work together: DoctorDave Computer Repair, iCafe (your local MacXprts), as well as BestMacs (Best for your Mac-Powered Businesses) work together to better than Mac community and provide local options for sales, service and education for residential, home office, small office and large office business customers. That plate symbolizes how I like to do business and interact within the business community. Oh, and I must say again it was darn tasty.

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