According to my dog, I’m going on a trip.

A dog that is wise beyond her years

I woke up this morning at my normal time which is around 6:30 ish. Went into the kitchen and made coffee and then let the dog out and decided what to eat for breakfast. A normal day.

But it’s not.

Today I go for my weigh in for the Scale Down Challenge and I’m nervous and anxious. Dogs often sense our feelings more than we do. Tova, our adorable Jack Russell Terrier/Beagle mix started getting very clingly….just like she gets when we go out of town. I couldn’t quite get her to understand I’ll be back in an hour. All I’m doing is going to a weigh in.

Then I realized that’s how I felt:   I am going on a trip. For 10 weeks, I’ll be visiting a different place. I’ll be eating less and tracking what I eat more. My familiar habits and routine will change. I’ll be missing things that I enjoy. There will be hassles, setbacks, and frustrations. I’ve been thinking about this trip for weeks and have everything set to begin. I’m nervous, just like I am before a trip.

I hate almost everything about travel. I hate the process of going to the airport. I hate trying to remember what to pack, and then forgetting a good portion of it. I hate flying-the noise, the ear popping, the food, the dry air, etc.. I hate sleeping in a bed that’s no mine. I hate being away from the dog. I hate not being able to cook my own food. I hate not knowing my way around. I hate often not having a car. I hate not having my usual choices of what to wear. I hate not having my desktop computer. In a nutshell, I like having those things I’m used to and I don’t like having to think about life in a different way.

That being said, I do love our vacations. At the end of the vacation I always feel better for having done it. In spite of all the hassles, I enjoy the end result and return with strength restored and zeal renewed. I’ll have a few souvenirs to remember the journey forever.

Tova’s in her 70s in people years and apparently she’s quite wise because, really, this is like going on a trip. This isn’t starting a diet, but the start of a journey that will end with me having been better for the experience.

For 10 weeks I’ll have a change in routine and I’ll have lots of frustrations on the way. My typical routine and habits will be changed. However, just like that vacation, I’ll have that same great feeling in the end. I’ll be leaner and healthier. I’ll fit into clothes I haven’t worn since high school. I’ll hit my 40s with the body of a 20 year old. I’ll keep one pair of my old jeans to remind of of my journey. I’ll keep the weight off too, because I’m going to remember the frustrations of this trip and decide I don’t want to go back to those times I was overweight.

So my bags are packed, I’ve got my seat in the full upright position and my carry ons are safely stowed underneath my seat. To my traveling companions on this journey, let’s mingle after the captain has turned off the seatbelt sign and determined it’s safe to move about the cabin.

For those not in their seats with their seatbelt safely secured around their waist, the plane is still boarding and the cabin doors are still open. The Scale Down Challenge is accepting passengers until 8pm tonight at Lawrence Nutrition Center . No advance purchase required! Just show up with your checkbook as that will be your boarding pass. The more passengers we get, the more fun the plane ride will be!   Unlike most trips, at the end of this one, you’ll have more money in your pocket!  The top winners can earn some serious dough. I’ll be giving any winnings I earn to the Lawrence Humane Society.

Why to the Lawrence Humane Society and not my own pocket? Because Tova’s a wise rescue dog, and knows I’m going on a trip.

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