Eighth Day of Christmas: Otterbox Case

My love for everything Otterbox is well known by my clients. I first started using an Otterbox case after I dropped my iPhone in a bowl of soup. I was showing a client some pictures off my iPhone and the phone slipped out of my hand and ended up in her soup. Although I try to be a gentleman, I was much more concerned about my phone rather than her meal or her clothing.

After that unfortunate experience I was on a quest to find the absolutely best iPhone case out there and that’s the Otterbox. It isn’t waterproof, but is water resistant. It protects every aspect of the phone in an all in one design. Some people claim its bulky, but I don’t care. This case is all about function. I have one for both my iPhone and my iPad. A lifetime warranty is a big plus on these and they simply replace the case when I had problems with some of the silicone wearing out.

If someone on your list is getting an new smart phone or a iPad for Christmas, and they tend to be the type to break things all the time, the Otterbox series is for them. Here’s an easy way to tell if they need one. Take a look at their current phone. If it’s full of scratches and the screen’s cracked: they need an Otterbox.

Sure it’s in the practical category, but you can make it all sweet by saying “I love you for who you are, that’s why I got you this.” It says “you’re a klutz,” but it also says “I accept that about you, but don’t care” Again, these are available locally with my friends at iCafe.

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