Ninth Day of Christmas: Computer Training

Whether it’s a Mac or PC, Android or iPhone, technology can sometimes be difficult to figure out. Computer training is one of those things that people are afraid to ask for but always need.  Although I think myself pretty smart with technology, I always enjoy reading a good tech book to find out something I missed.  When I’m faced with a completely new style of technology, I appreciate a good book to help me see exactly what the product could do (My latest efforts, ironically, is with WordPress in which this blog is written).

If you know someone is getting a new tech device, look for a great training book. As we are getting down to the wire here, feel free to email me the product and the tech level of the recipient. I do quite a few tech book reviews and can suggest just the right book for your needs.  If it can’t be found locally, you still have time to order something and get it here through Amazon.

Don’t have time to run out to the store.  Check out these online video learning options that can be given as gifts from  macProVideo and

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