Your computer used for international crime?

When you fail to properly set up or renew your antivirus, your computer could become a part of international crime. No, you aren’t smuggling diamonds or nuclear weapons, but you are lining the coffers of the bad guys!

This isn’t a plot of some new movie, but the actual facts of the situation. Fake antiviruses are big money and the FBI along with eleven other countries are working towards rounding up these bad guys with “Operation Trident Tribunal”

First announced in June, the FBI has traced over $74 million dollars lost by consumers attacked by these “scareware” viruses. They come through every possible channel: Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, instant messenger, Twitter and good ol ‘fashioned email.

The threat I’m seeing most is “misdirected package emails”. You get an email claiming to be from UPS, USPS, Fedex, or DHL indicating that they attempted to deliver a package and the information is attached. When you click the attachment, it tries to launch a program and the virus installs. I sheepishly admit I fell for this recently. Who doesn’t get packages from one of these services and occasionally have a problem with delivery? Fortunately I was on my Mac and could easily see this was a Windows virus.

Always keep your antivirus up to date and be wary of any attachment or link in an email. You aren’t just protecting your computer and data, but will be stopping an international crime syndicate. Be proud of your protection!

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