Unethical, illegal and downright bad tech support


Myself and all of my technicians view our relationship with clients as one of trust and respect. We realize that customers rely on us for computer repair in Lawrence Kansas and we’ve got a great reputation. When items are under warranty, or should be under warranty we’ll either suggest the client call the company directly or call on their behalf.

Sometimes this can be a recipe for disaster and no company is immune from problems. In some cases the rep promises a repair is free and then later change their mind or simply repair the wrong item and charge once again to fix it.


What about having a warranty and then waiting over a month to get the computer back. The latest scam is to upsell you services you don’t need, such as what Dell is doing

The more disturbing stories are direct violations of your trust. Those really annoy me. The late night infomercial programs are selling you snake oil that will harm your computer. In particular, this story about how Apple retail stores can operate is shocking. You absolutely have to know who is working on your computer. We do full background check on all technicians and anyone who touches your computer. All someone needs is a few key pieces of info while working on your computer to steal your identity as this scam reveals how easily your tax return can be stolen.

When these problems happen, you need to complain effectively and here is a great guide as well as a blog post I wrote about this a while back.

It’s not just my industry that’s the problem, unethical employees abound elsewhere – such as taking bribes to lower a bill or dentists offering up unecessary procedures to pocket insurance money.

Every once in awhile we get weird questions such as “How much will you save me if I pay you in cash and you don’t report it to the IRS?” or “Can I pay you to download me a pirated copy of this software?” or “Don’t you technicians know how to get around installing software on more than one computer?” We will engage in none of these activities and will end the relationship with a client if they pressure us to do so, even if they threaten us with a negative review (our only negative review as of this writing).

Really, do you want someone working on your computer who engages in such unethical behavior? If you do, please call someone else 🙂

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