Latest scam around the Royal baby and other current events

Screenshots of Royal Baby cam (yes, people are watching Bobbies standing near a door)

Unlike many of my clients, I allow spam to freely flow into my inbox. I try to keep track of new scams and be aware of any new wrinkles that clients might get tricked with.

The latest one surrounds current events. As less of us get our news online (and paywalls annoy us), we rely on news coming to our email from trusted sources such as CNN. This has been exploited by hackers. While I haven’t clicked on the links to find out where they take me, I know I didn’t sign up for them and when I analyze the email they aren’t from CNN.

These were the emails I received just this week. We’ve got the Royal Baby of course


The train crash in Spain


and even Walking Dead Season 4


These threats all have the same component of being breaking news and somewhat sensational. I expect more with hot button issues such as Affordable Health Care aka ObamaCare including refund checks as well as eventually more issues that are local if Douglas County gets targeted such as anything dealing with KU sports, construction in Lawrence, etc.

When you get these emails, don’t click on the link. Go to the source site directly in your browser whether it is CNN or the Lawrence Journal World/Topeka Capital Journal/KC Star and go to their latest or breaking news section. Never trust your inbox.

Similarly, I’ve seen a rise in emails claiming to be from social media accounts with someone wanting to connect with me on LinkedIn, be my friend on Facebook, or bought something on eBay. Same rules apply. Don’t click on the link. In spite of Facebook constantly changing, you can always go directly to Facebook manually in your browser and will be notified if you’ve been tagged, have a message, etc. Just don’t trust those email notifications.



If you ever get an email you don’t trust or aren’t sure about, feel free to send it to me, but assume if you think it’s a scam it probably is. I collect this scam emails like kids collect bugs 🙂

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