Handy Mac OS X terminal commands everyone can use

Command Center

Apple’s operating system, OS X, is extremely powerful, but fortunately the interworkings are hidden from the average users as they should be. Similar to my car, I focus on driving and getting from point A to point B, rather than the transmission or electronics.

However, under the hood of your Mac are some powerful commands that can help tweak your Mac just to your liking. Two great websites for this are OS X Secrets and Defaults-Write.com http://www.defaults-write.com/. These require very little technical knowledge but help get rid of some annoyances. For example, if you don’t use the dashboard, you can easily get rid of the function entirely with the command listed here. On an older Mac this will have a speed increase as Dashboard can slow down the system when running.

One of my favorite and useful terminal commands isn’t even listed there. Caffeinate easily prevents my Mac from going to sleep during presentations.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tweaked your Mac with one of these commands.

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