Small business and malware threats: what you need to know

Lego: Cash machine robbery

It’s big news when a large company gets hit with a major malware or virus infection. One of the more recent stories is a US power plant “invaded” due to careless use of a USB flash drive. Home users often feel they brought on the virus themselves due to porn surfing, when in fact reading blogs is the most likely cause. Small businesses that don’t have an IT staff are at incredible risk.

A Twitter chat captured here and sponsored by Symantec gives detailed findings on these risks and is worth a read if you own a small business. The scary stats are as follows

36% of all cyber attacks target small businesses
50% of SMBs think they’re not a target for cyber attackers

This leaves a gap in what companies are protected against and the likelihood of infection. The previously mentioned Twitter chat gives some great short tips and tricks for protecting yourself and is absolutely worth a read and, yes, Macs get malware and using all Macs is not adequate protection (a very common question).

This link provides some additional statistics but covers the liabilities involved with a cyberattack including public relations, legal, and loss of revenue.

In particular the chat and accompanying links talk about targeted attacks: stealing your email address and accessing other sites through that. Once a hacker gets your email address for your small business, they not only have access to your email but can use that as a key to reset all the email accounts for your company, take down your website and even access your information in the cloud. One email with one easy to guess password, used in a public place hands over the keys to your business.

Beware and Be Aware!

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