One reason you can’t get your laptop on a wireless network

*How* many laptops?

“My laptop can’t get on the Internet” is a common complaint we get at DoctorDave Computer Repair in Lawrence, Kansas and one of the first questions we ask if the customer is if they are sure the wireless is on. Many times they don’t know, so we’ll ask them to test it at a coffee shop that offers free wi-fi. That helps determine if it’s the router at home ot the ISP or the actual computer.

Often times the computer is working perfectly fine, it doesn’t have malware or viruses, it’s just that the wireless switch on the laptop is turned off. It sounds obvious but it really isn’t. Laptop manufacturers put these switches in the dumbest of place and make it way too easy to turn them off accidentally.

This handy link has a list of various laptops and how to renable the wireless switch. Before you assume something is wrong, check out the link. Bookmark it for future reference 🙂

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