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I never thought shopping for the holidays would be controversial and political, but it seems this year everyone has an opinion on whether stores should open on Thanksgiving and when shopping should begin.

I’m spending the day with family and I generally avoid shopping Black Friday, but that being said I’m always one to join the crowd and get in on the fun. Yes mother, if everyone jumped off the bridge I would too. More importantly though, what better way to thank our fans and followers with a bit of a deal for just a few days…so here it goes and we’ve got a few of them. These are good during Black Friday, Small Business Saturday through Cyber Monday

Avoid camping out, avoid pushy crowds and spend the next few days at home as well as keeping business small, local and indpendent

1) Gift Certificate sale 20% off

Gift Certificates from DoctorDave is the gift of peace of mind and peace in the household. Instead of saying “Dear, could you fix the computer” you can say “Dear, I’ve taken care of the computer, let’s spend more time together” If you are giving technology gifts for the holidays, why not include the setup and training they may need to actually use your gift. A great new scanner or printer doesn’t do much good sitting in a box, and if they are too busy to set it up, or just intimidated by it they probably will.

Or just be selfish. You’ve used us before and you’ll likely use us again and the certificates are good for a year and a half. Spend the money now and get the problems taken care of later. Only 10 of these available and when they sell out, they’ll move to the standard price of $80.00

2) Smartphone/Tablet Setup: $50

Whether you choose Apple’s iPhone or iPad or one of the many of Android devices, we’ll make sure your new phone or tablet does exactly what you want it to, while remaining protected and secure.

For $50, we’ll help you do the following:

1) Set up syncing of email, contacts, pictures and music from your desktop or laptop computer (whether it is a Mac or a PC)

2) Protect your phone and budget by showing you how to purchase quality apps as well as how to know which ones are safe and worth the cost. We can also set up up parental controls and locks to prevent unwanted purchases, and set up device tracking in case of theft.

3) Save you money on both your data and voice plan by maximizing use of wifi connections and voice applications like as Skype, Facetime and Google Hangouts

4) Train you on advanced features such as printing, editing Office documents, and accepting credit cards and suggest a proper case and other accessories

Ultimately, a smart device shouldn’t make you feel dumb with all its advanced features. We’ll help connect you with your phone or tablet in a personalized way to make it does what you want in a way you can understand.

Fine print: Travel charges will apply for onsite visits (typically $10) and this program does not include any other services. If you wish additional services during the visit, work will be done at our hourly rate of $70 but that rate will include all the services for our Smartphone setup program.

3) New Computer Setup $100

When you buy a new computer, it should be an exciting event. Unfortunately, all the hassle of setting everything up anew and making sure your documents, pictures, music, movies, emails and addresses come over is enough to give anyone buyer’s remorse. Fortunately, we do this all the time and can make your new computer set up as pleasant and hassle-free as you deserve.

For $100 we will…

1) Set up your new computer and transfer the stuff that’s important to you – such as My Documents, pictures, emails, addresses, favorites, music and movies – to your new system.

2) Configure your backup and security software so you protect your new investment. We’ll also set up parental controls if necessary as well as file and printer sharing if you need this.

3) Get you on the Internet with your email set up and ready to use…and we’ll assist you if your forget your passwords (it happens to everyone)

4) Install new programs, printers, and scanners that often come with new systems

5) After setup, we’ll recycle your old computer and no charge and make sure it’s securely erased if requested

Fine print: The $100 price includes 1.5 hours of labor (which we find is generally, but not always sufficient to set up a new system) and will incur a small trip charge for onsite visits. Additional labor beyond 1.5 hours will be billed out our normal hourly rate of $70 per hour.

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