Save money with Groupons and other social coupons while keeping business local

I’ve blogged about Groupon and other social coupons before and how the business sponsoring a social coupon only gets a percent of the money. For example for a $100 coupon, you might pay $50 and the actual business sometimes gets less than $25. What if you could have your (cup)cake and eat it too? Get the discount and make sure the business gets the maximum amount of money.


Yup, it’s as simple as that. For example, local Lawrence restaurants are offering special deals, but you have to go to a special website to buy them. If you contact some of these businesses directly, they’ll sell you a gift certificate at that same price (a $25.00 gift certificate for $17.5). You get the same costs savings and you make sure 100% of that money stays in the business’s hands. It’s worked for me and others and all if you have to do is ask. It even works if the deal has expired. Savvy business owners that regularly use social coupons to promote their business don’t want you to what to buy online. If you have an interest, they’d love to capture that revenue right there.

If you own a business and have a social coupon deal, be amenable to this idea. You may not want to actively promote it but consider it an added bonus of doing a social coupon. You get the exposure of your business and people in the door AND get to keep all that revenue. If someone calls asking about the deal, consider not having them go to a website to buy it. Sometimes they’ll see an ad in the paper and think that’s a coupon. Honor it! Let them buy the gift certificate right there and then instead of saying “go to a website and get the same deal” which translates to “Please, take 50% of my revenue away.” I’ve seen that happen and I’ve intervened when possible to remind the business owner a live customer interested in your product is a best case scenario.

All you gotta do is ask! Don’t just keep business local but keep as much money as possible within the business.

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